Hosted Projects

A little tool to copy mails from IMAP to MongoDB
MongoDB re-implemented in Java
A simple web audio loading and playing library
a little system tray tool, that can keep a little piece of text handy to copy to the clipboard.
A little animation inspired by the great WalzingWaters show.
Drag and drop files onto a (Swing UI) window to get its MD5 checksum calculated. Uses ArrayBlockingQueue
A simple IMAP email client
A Java based file navigator and explorer
A visual programming language.
A collection of Java Swing utility classes.
Export Emails from GroupWise in MIME format to a specific directory.
a little fireworks animation.
A little tool displaying folder sizes in a pie chart.
A little tool that extracts the chat messages from Heroes of Newerth replays
Just a little full screen, zoomable image viewer
A tool to generate the verbose JPA entities from a much more concise definition.
One class to index all Java files in a directory using Lucene 3.6 One class to search a keyword through all indexed files.
just random test code
3 different mathematical expression parser and evaluator.
A little direct TCP chat program
an implementation of the Java MongoDB driver for testing purposes
A Swing browser to MongoDB data
Useful classes dealing with Mongo BSON data.
a little application that can full text search directory structures using a nice ring buffer algoritm.
statically typed language inspired by Java
My own typeless scripting language
Just some very basic helper functions.
A little tool that generates a cryptographic KeyPair and can sign files and then verify the authenticity.
Basically it's this page !
Ever wanted to send emails to Tomcat ?
An educational implementation of the game Sokoban in Java
Simple poker web app using WebSockets
The classic TicTacToe. My first try at AI.
A little application to edit text in a tree structure.
a little chess and risk like game
Attempt to write an always solvable Yukon Solitaire card game